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About igogo
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The name igogo...

... comes from Russia. When small children in Russia talk about a horse, they mimic its neighing – what comes out is a long drawn-out "e-e-e-" followed by the typical noise that a horse makes when it breathes out at the end of a neigh, almost a kind of growl: "gogo". Written in German, this looks like "igogo". Just like a "bow-wow" or Eeyore the donkey. But you may ask why we have chosen a child's expression for the name of our therapy and training centre? The answer is simple: Simply by mimicking an animal's voice, a child has already begun, unconsciously, to establish a relationship with the animal in question. And this is exactly what we are aiming for. As it happens, there is no such phonetic name for a horse in German, so we borrowed the Russian one. It sounds good and not only Russian children like it!

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