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Sensory Integration

Sensory integration is the term used to describe the interplay between differing sensory perceptions, how they are processed in combination with each other and the phenomenon of coordination:

  • 'Graviperception' - the perception of gravitational attraction - triggers muscle activity (proprioception, i.e. perception of stimuli within the body by means of joint, tendon and muscle receptors).
  • Equilibrial stimuli - i.e. related to our sense of balance - help us to adjust our position and bearing, for instance so as to avoid falling when we are pushed (receptors in the inner ear).
  • Our eyes follow moving objects.
  • When we hear a sound we move our heads so as to be able to locate it.
  • Complex activities such as writing are controlled by a variety of interacting systems: visual perception (hand-eye coordination), tactile stimuli (skin receptors) and proprioceptive stimuli (joint, tendon and muscle receptors).

Our interest in the subject of sensory integration arises through the potential for treating related disorders by means of targeted 'sensory integration therapy', a method developed by the US American ergotherapist and psychologist Anna Jean Ayres. She discovered that certain conditions are caused by dysfunctional coordination of the various sensory modes. The visible signs can take on a variety of different forms. This section contains more information on the following topics:

  • sensory integration disorders
  • sensory integration therapy
  • the role of equine assisted therapy
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