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Motivation as a path to success

The basic concept behind the therapy which we practise and teach at the igogo Academy can be summed up as follows: If a child refuses to speak, the secret of helping it to do so involves gaining its attention. And it is the horse which helps the child to recover its wish to speak or at least to express itself vocally. A chuckle may represent a vital step along the way. Signs like this can be positively encouraged, so that the child more and more experiences a desire to express itself.

The igogo equine assisted therapy sees the cause of handicapped people’s learning difficulties in their very short attention spans. Information cannot be processed, because it does not remain consciously available for long enough. This is where igogo's equine assisted therapy techniques place the main emphasis: addressing the causes of attention deficiency. Which, incidentally, can also account for a whole range of other problems and behavioural syndromes such as contact difficulties, inability to communicate, lack of social skills, learning deficits and so on – and not just in so-called disabled people.

The igogo equine assisted therapy is also an educational aid which not only addresses individual deficits, but also has a positive effect on the entire person, taking account of his or her personality, strengths and weaknesses.

We place the focus not on the things which the patient can no longer manage, but instead we activate and improve the skills which are still in evidence.

In other words, the therapy does not waste time trying to recover abilities which are irreversibly lost, but in exploiting hidden potential which has so far remained dormant. This applies just as much to physically and mentally handicapped patients as it does to children who ‘only’ suffer from hyperactivity or learning difficulties.

The horse represents the perfect partner for the therapy. It has a stimulating effect on both physical and mental levels through its characteristic modes of movement as well as its ability to establish contact with people. The igogo equine assisted therapy is to be seen not as a competitive alternative to other forms of therapy, especially medical therapy, but rather as a supplementary form of therapy. To this end we cooperate with experts from a large number of other disciplines.

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