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Instruction and Training
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First and foremost

At the heart of our concept of instruction is the one-year, modular course of instruction leading to certification as a qualified Equine Assisted Therapist (igogo Academy).

The igogo horseback riding therapy training combines the therapeutic and educational elements of the subject (see definition and forms of equine assisted therapy).

Therapy, or the branch of medicine called therapeutics, refers to curative treatment and is generally associated with individual persons, whereas the pedagogic elements of the work place greater emphasis on group processes and the training of social skills.

Of course, this does not exclude the possibility of a therapist exercising social competence in group therapy any more than it excludes the possibility of a teacher’s activities having a therapeutic effect on a one-to-one basis. On the contrary, it is important to grasp that the practice of equine assisted therapy requires competence in both areas, especially if one is expecting to have professional involvement with a broad range of people – disabled and non-disabled, those with physical ailments and those with psychological conditions, young people and old …

Therefore we see no point in separating these two elements during the training – after all, there is no point in an apprentice sailmaker only being taught how to make sails, but nothing about masts.

We have nothing against specialization in principle, but especially in the case of equine assisted therapy we regard a broad-based foundation as being most important. Whatever path you may follow later, it is always helpful to have received a thorough basic training in all areas of the chosen profession – especially where such areas are inextricably connected with each other (in this connection, see also the menu item 'sensory integration').

Quite apart from this, learning how to deal with and communicate with the therapy horse is an absolute must for all the different kinds of equine assisted therapy – which is why it is one of the main points in the igogo Academy’s curriculum.

What you already know before embarking on a course is not as important as what you are prepared to learn during the course. For this reason the academy is open to people without special qualifications and those who are not already working in the educational or social sectors. To this end we offer a special course which includes work experience to compensate for lack of other qualification (see menu item 'course requirements').

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